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Make music on Linux with Ardour

2 hours 29 min ago

If ever you've been curious about making music, you'll be pleased to know that the open source digital audio workstation Ardour makes it easy and fun, regardless of your level of experience. Ardour is one of those unique applications that manages to span beginner-level hobbyists all the way to production-critical professionals and serves both equally well. Part of what makes it great is its flexibility in how you can accomplish any given task and how most common tasks have multiple levels of possible depth.

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Open source photo processing with Darktable

Wed, 12/08/2021 - 16:01

It's hard to say how good photographs happen. You have to be in the right place at just the right moment. You have to have a camera at the ready and an eye for composition. And that's just the part that happens in the camera. There's a whole other stage to great photography that many people don't think about. It used to happen with lights and chemicals in a darkroom, but with today's digital tools, post-production happens in darkroom software.

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Vanilla Vim is fun

Wed, 12/08/2021 - 16:00

When you start Vim with the --clean option, it shows up in "vanilla" mode. No plugins, no configuration, just back to the roots. I have collected a ton of configuration statements over the years, some of them dating from MS-DOS or Windows 3.1. Here is the deal: I will start from scratch to find a good starting-point configuration with just the plugins available in Fedora 35. Will I survive a week of coding? I'll find out!

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Anyone can draw on Linux with Inkscape

Tue, 12/07/2021 - 16:01

Inkscape is an illustration application, and it works in vectors to ensure limitless resolution for your drawings. Vector illustration is different from freehand illustration. If you're used to drawing freehand, vectors may at first feel restrictive, but once you get used to how vectors get created and how you can use them to construct an image, it's a powerful way to build visuals of all sorts. And if you're not much of an illustrator at all, you might just find that the hands-off approach of vectors means you can draw in Inkscape even though you can't draw with pen and paper.

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Learn more about distributed databases with ShardingSphere

Tue, 12/07/2021 - 16:00

Apache ShardingSphere is an open source distributed database, plus an ecosystem users and developers need for their database to provide a customized and cloud-native experience. In the three years since it joined the Apache Foundation, the ShardingSphere core team has worked hard with the community to create an open source, robust, and distributed database and a supporting ecosystem.

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5 surprising reasons I use Krita for photo editing on Linux

Mon, 12/06/2021 - 16:00

Krita is best known as a digital painting application, but in my experience, it's kind of a digital imaging powerhouse. Recently, a fork of GIMP called GLIMPSE had to pause its development, and because I like alternatives, it occurred to me that Krita could be a reasonable photo editor for at least some use cases. It isn't easy to measure the suitability of an application for a group of tasks because different people require or prefer different things. What's very common and indispensable to one person is an edge case for someone else.

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Sign and verify container images with this open source tool

Mon, 12/06/2021 - 16:00

Many open source software projects get used in software builds every day, which is critical for almost every organization. Open source software brings many benefits and helps software developers focus on innovation and efficiency rather than reinventing the wheel.

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Open source mind mapping with

Sun, 12/05/2021 - 16:00

There's something special about maps. I remember opening the front book cover of JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit when I was younger, staring at the hand-drawn map of Middle Earth, and feeling the wealth of possibility contained in the simple drawing. Aside from their obvious purpose of actually describing where things are in relation to other things, I think maps do a great job of expressing potential. You could step outside and take the road this way or that way, and if you do, just think of all the new and exciting things you'll be able to see.

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Convert audio in batches on Linux with SoundConverter

Sat, 12/04/2021 - 16:00

There are many file formats used to store digital audio, and they're good for different purposes. Digital audio is, of course, only a representation of sound, a rendering of soundwaves that get translated into sound by a decoder and a set of speakers. Some audio formats, generically called lossless formats, aim to encode audio close to its original analog form. Still, there's a lot of data in the real world, and as yet, digital can only approximate it in very large files.

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Quick video editing on Linux with Flowblade

Fri, 12/03/2021 - 16:00

Do you have videos you need to cut together but find video editing applications too complex? Flowblade is a minimal video editing application designed to enable you to assemble a cut of your video quickly and easily.

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Edit video on Linux with Kdenlive

Thu, 12/02/2021 - 16:00

Whether it's due to snow days, a seasonal vacation, or time off for any number of holidays, December is a great time to settle down in front of your computer and get creative. One of my favorite pastimes is cutting video footage together. Sometimes I edit video to tell a story. Other times I edit video to convey a mood or a single idea, and sometimes I do it to provide visuals to music I've either discovered or composed. Maybe it's because I learned to edit film at a school while aiming for a career in the field, or maybe it's just because I like powerful open source tools.

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Edit audio on Linux with Audacity

Wed, 12/01/2021 - 16:00

The Audacity sound editor is one of those open source applications that filled a niche that seemingly nobody else realized existed. Initially developed at Carnegie Mellon University at a time when many people still thought computers were just for office and schoolwork, and you required special DSP peripherals for serious multimedia work. Audacity recognized that, occasionally, the average computer user needed to edit audio. The Audacity team has consistently provided an open source application for recording and cleaning up sound in the two decades since.

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Collaborate on a file using Linux diff and patch

Tue, 11/30/2021 - 16:00

I edit a lot of text files. Sometimes it's code. Other times it's the written word for role-playing games (RPGs), programming books, or general correspondence. Sometimes it's nice to make a change, but for my collaborator to compare my change with what they originally had written. Many people default to office suites, like LibreOffice, using comments or change tracking features.

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Anyone can compile open source code in these three simple steps

Mon, 11/29/2021 - 16:00

There are many ways to install software, but you get an option not available elsewhere with open source: You can compile the code yourself. The classic three-step process to compile source code:

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10 holiday gift ideas for open source enthusiasts

Fri, 11/26/2021 - 16:00

Are you looking for cool gifts for people on your holiday shopping list or ideas for your own wishlist? If so, consider one of the ten suggestions below. Each of these gift suggestions connects in some way to the open source ethos. From DIY projects to computers to books, this list provides gift suggestions that foster creativity, learning, and exploring.

System76 computer

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Tips for formatting when printing to console from C++

Thu, 11/25/2021 - 16:00

When I started writing, I did it primarily for the purpose of documenting for myself. When it comes to programming, I'm incredibly forgetful, so I began to write down useful code snippets, special characteristics, and common mistakes in the programming languages I use. This article perfectly fits the original idea as it covers common use cases of formatting when printing to console from C++.

[Download the C++ std::cout cheat sheet]

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What are you thankful for at work?

Thu, 11/25/2021 - 16:00

It's the time of year when we focus more intently on thanks and giving. Our community has shared what that means to them.

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5 open source alternatives to Microsoft Exchange

Wed, 11/24/2021 - 16:00

For decades, Microsoft Exchange has ruled the market for email and groupware services. This top dog dominates the corporate world, and the omnipresent Outlook mail client has become the de facto standard for groupware. Since Exchange is closely integrated with Microsoft's Office products, users have access to a wide variety of productivity software and features, whether they're using a desktop or a mobile client.

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