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Intel Announces Arc Pro A-Series Professional GPUs

Phoronix - Tue, 08/09/2022 - 01:38
Intel used SIGGRAPH to announce their forthcoming Arc Pro A-series professional GPUs. The initial products include the Arc A30M mobile GPU, the Arc Pro A40 single-slot GPU, and the Arc Pro A50 dual-slot GPU...

Intel Releases Open-Source OpenPGL To Further Enhance Renderers

Phoronix - Tue, 08/09/2022 - 00:49
Intel used SIGGRAPH today to announce OpenPGL as what they say is the industry's first open-source library for path guiding so renderer developers can integrate "start of the art" path-guiding methods...

Fedora 37 Cleared To Ship Experimental Web UI Based Installer

Phoronix - Tue, 08/09/2022 - 00:34
Red Hat has been working on a web-based UI for its Anaconda operating system installer and for the Fedora 37 release this autumn they are planning to have an optional preview of this new installer interface...

AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5965WX Performance On Linux

Phoronix - Mon, 08/08/2022 - 21:00
Earlier this year AMD announced the Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5000 WX series but initially was limited to Lenovo workstations. Earlier this summer it was then announced the Threadripper PRO 5000 WX series would be heading to more system integrators and then the DIY market. Well, finally, these Zen 3 Threadripper chips are heading out to the DYI market and today the review embargo lifts. AMD recently sent over a Ryzen Threadripper PRO 565WX for my Linux testing at Phoronix and here is my initial review and performance benchmarks for this Zen 3 24-core / 48-thread HEDT chip.